Our thoughts and opinions about the people, places, qualities and
controversies that make the area along HWY 12 our chosen spot.
When we hear about something new coming up, so will you.

H12P Latest from the Field

  • crawl space

    Crawl Space

    10 / 07 / 2015

    Last month we spent most of a day at one of our listings while the buyers had their inspections done. It’s a large [...]

  • short pig


    05 / 06 / 2015

    Last Fall, the 9th grade Future Farmers of America (FFA) members at Sonoma Valley High School began a pork project that [...]

  • Our hospital


    15 / 05 / 2015

    Our first night in our Sonoma house was October 7, 2001. There are two reasons I remember the date—we attended a wedding [...]

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