A Perfect Moment

A favorite passage in a favorite book – South of Broad – has two teenagers, brother and sister, talking about their search for the perfect moment. As they float on inner tubes with a friend down a South Carolina river, the sister, Sheba says to her brother, “This is it. You’re right, Trevor. We’re in the middle of it, and it’s so nice to recognize it.”

I was thinking about Sheba and Trevor last Friday when I visited The Starling for the first time. Cece and I along with Anne and James, stopped by for late afternoon cocktails. The place had been closed for the week so the interior could be painted – a sorely needed upgrade as the bar transitions from its former life at The Blue Moon Saloon.

The Blue Moon appeared in our local newspaper’s Police Log with unfortunate frequency – often for incidents involving patrons smashing each other over the head with bottles in the parking lot. Located at the corner of HWY 12 and West Spain Street, the parking lot provided easy access and a quick get away as sirens approached.

Now in the talented hands of two former girl & the fig bartenders, the bar is transforming into something wonderful.

On the afternoon of our first visit, a cool breeze blew in the open back door and out the front. A solid play list, at just the right volume, bubbled in the background. A fellow practiced his shots on one of the two pool tables. We took seats at the bar and ordered a round of drinks and bar snacks. A perfect moment.

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