Sonoma Field Notes


A Host of Sparrows

A few years ago I was driving down 8th Street East at the eastern edge of Sonoma when I saw a fellow setting up a roadside birdhouse stand. Lined up along [...]

How Are Y’all Doing?

On the third night of Summer 2016, around 9:00, I was walking in Charleston, South Carolina, with five of the people I care about most in the world. We had [...]

The Breva Crop

Our fig tree at Stone House is having a banner summer. It was thirsty, and the winter rains were very kind to it. Its foliage now spreads across our front [...]

A Perfect Moment

A favorite passage in a favorite book – South of Broad – has two teenagers, brother and sister, talking about their search for the perfect moment. As [...]

Tourist vs. Traveler

Sonoma is often described as a tourist town. It's always described like that by locals who wish non-locals would just go away and take their "pedestrian [...]

Shake it Up

Nicholas Cricket is a boring book. Though it’s beautifully illustrated and tells the story of banjo-playing Nicholas and his Bug-a-Wug Cricket Band, [...]


We recently added a second rescue dog to our family. Tallie is our sixth German Shorthaired Pointer—our first from NorCal GSP Rescue. She joins Clay who [...]

Busted Truck

I was walking on East Napa Street early this morning across from the Community Center when a white truck pulled quickly to the curb. Steam spewed from [...]


There’s a lot of “no” going around Sonoma. No to the proposed housing and small hotel development on First Street East, no to the hotel project in the [...]
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